Map the determinants of human health in real-time with planetary scale satellite images, environmental exposure, and clinical information.

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Nature, Nurture, Neighborhood (N3) API

Empower your data scientists and developers to search and access terabytes of raw and processed exposure, clinical, and nutrition data as well as satellite imagery.

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A search engine for planetary and human health. Integrates satellites, environmental data, and epidemiological information in real time. A new GPS: global pandemic system for threats such as COVID-19.

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Geointelligence System

A scalable, agile system to task your own satellites and our push-button deep learning pipelines to predict disease, exposures, and biomes and enable geographically aware underwriting. In real time.

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Product Spotlight: N3 API

Nature, Nurture, and Neighborhood

Access gold-standard, geo-coded, data updated every hour on community health from land sensors, surveys, satellite imagery. Includes's COVID-19 Community Risk Score, Neighborhood Risk Score, Biome Score, and thousands of spatiotemporal variables for communities around the world. We craft beautiful maps and developer-friendly location data, APIs, and SDKs so that you’re free to focus on designing, building, and developing your application

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Product Spotlight: Geointelligence System

Task your own satellite

With's Geointelligence System, you can task your own satellite to predict outcomes relevant for your business. Or use images from our database of 10 terabytes of satellite imagery covering Earth.

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