XY is about leveraging data from ångström scale to the astronomical. Here is what we are up to.

XY partners with Anthem on the COVID-19 Explorer

Fighting for health, together.

COVID-19: Mapping communities at risk

We map the XY COVID-19 Community Risk Score across the United States

COVID-19: Are we Testing the Highest Risk Communities?

We dive deeper into the risk COVID-19 poses across the U.S. and current testing patterns.

Identifying Communities at Risk of COVID-19

American communities might differ greatly in their COVID-19 risk.

Examining disease rate correlations in different regions of the US
Syndemic Patterns of Chronic Disease Rates Across the United States

Many Americans experience multiple chronic diseases, and these can vary by geography.

Practical geospatial analysis using and Python
Mapping Chronic Disease to Explore Social Determinants of Health

Using Python and resources, we'll plot chronic diseases in the USA on a map.

Visualizing GOES-16 satellite imagery using Python
How to see wildfires from space using GOES-16 data

We use GOES-16 data to make a true-color animation of the Californian Thomas Fire.

TedX talk: The exposome and health
XY Co-founder Gives a TEDx Talk on the "Exposome"

Embrace the complexity of the exposome to decode disease and map health.

Real-world observational data
Challenges in Mapping Health with Real-world Data

A primer on observational data

social determinants of health
Robustly Mapping Social Determinants of Health with XY

How XY is mapping social determinants of health at scale

Data Science
Nature Genetics Paper Published by XY Scientists

Assessing genetic and environmental contributions in 560 phenotypes.

Data Science
An Introduction to XY's Exposome Data Warehouse

How does XY scrape and use terabytes of exposure data to predict health?

Global Health
What We Are Learning from the First Thousand Participants about Allergies

Can artificial intelligence predict our risk of allergies? Here's what we found out.