Contact's Nature, Nurture, and Neighborhood (N3) API

December 17, 2020

Health Data, Integrated: Understand Health with AI

The next generation of data is here with's Nature, Nurture, and Neighborhood API

Population health is the product of several complex interactions between the environment, individuals, social factors, and other conditions. To address this complexity and make sense of health, has developed the N3 API, which integrates dozens of information sources, known as the “determinants of health”, into a single reliable source of continuous and dynamic data.

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The N3 API takes care of many issues that would normally require significant amounts of work and attention: high quality data sources from the CDC, government agencies, and deep-learning derived satellite imagery measures are harmonized into low-latency, highly reliable API endpoints which can provide information to local communities.

Endpoints and Variables designed the API to be easy to use: dozens of endpoints are available for different datasets, and we are constantly adding more. We have also developed a specific set of APIs to help with addressing the COVID-19 pandemic, including a custom COVID-19 Community Risk Score using machine-learning based models. More information about the N3 API can be found here.

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