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We are a team of engineers and scientists working to integrate satellite imagery and other geotemporal data into risk prediction.

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Our Team

Space, Platform, and Machine Learning.

Walter DeBrouwer, PhD

Adjunct Professor at Stanford University School of Medicine (CERC). Founder and CEO of the Palo-Alto based, deep learning company

Co-Founder & Advisor
Chirag J. Patel, PhD

Associate Professor at Harvard and researcher in data science specializing in dissecting gene-environment interplay in health and disease.

Co-Founder & Advisor
Arjun K. Manrai, PhD

Assistant Professor at Harvard and researcher using statistical and machine learning methods to improve clinical decision making and scientific reproducibility.

Head of Data Engineering
Andrew S. Deonarine, MD, PhD

Board-certified preventive medicine physician and bioinformatician using epidemiology, genomics, and clinical informatics.

Greg Kovacic, CFA, MBA

Versatile international leader with established record improving companies’ financial and operational performance.

Head of Machine Learning
Genevieve Lyons

Healthcare analyst passionate about the intersection of machine learning and public health. Currently pursuing graduate studies at Harvard.

Head of Sales
Iftikar Ali

Sales Exec with management, business development, account management and M&A experiences.

Senior Full Stack Engineer
Fred Barrett

Software engineer with over 30 years experience in architecture and development. SB in Computer Science from MIT.

Senior UI Developer
Andrew Watson

Previous leading UI development for major national brands with over 15 years experience.

Machine Learning Engineer
Nithin Buduma, SM

Passionate about deep learning and coding. SM in Computer Science from MIT.

Space Engineer
Sumeet Parekh, MS

Connecting XY to space. M.S. in Computer Science from Northeastern.

Senior Designer
Emmanuel Coloma, MLA

A former landscape designer creating impactful digital spaces. MLA from Harvard.

Machine Learning Scientist
Chirag Lakhani, PhD

Researcher at Harvard using spatial analytics and statistical genetics to understand health and disease.

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