We use 
data to map health

Thousands of satellites and sensors around Earth talk to our phones and cars, but can they be used to improve our well-being?

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Air Quality
Our Vision

Using machine intelligence to map health

XY's mission is to make sense of massive and complex remote and local sensing data. The 21st century model of planetary and human health is dynamic, continuous, and forward-looking.

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We utilize two core technologies.

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The Geointelligence System and Digital Twins Algorithm—to empower companies in their use of massive, diverse sources of satellite, environmental, and human data.

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Geointelligence System

An earth-scale geotemporal AI platform that uses environmental data—including satellite, climate, and pollution—to map fine-grained health and built environment patterns with unparalleled accuracy.

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Digital Twin Algorithm

A suite of approaches to identify “digital twins,” areas of the planet that are close in disease and biome risk even if they are far apart.

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Current openings
Senior Back-end Engineer

Support our space and machine learning tems by building efficient data engineering pipelines.

Boston, MA (Remote)
Machine Learning Engineer

Build and deploy scalable state of the art machine learning models on terabytes of curated satellite, exposure, and clinical data.

Boston, MA (Remote)
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