We use
multi-scale, satellite, environmental, molecular
data to
map health


Exabytes of data are generated daily—how much of it is used to improve our well-being? XY's mission is to help healthcare companies and medical professionals make sense of massive data. The 21st century model of medical research is dynamic, continuous, and forward-looking.


We utilize two core technologies—the Geointelligence System and Digital Twin Algorithm—to empower healthcare companies in their use of massive, diverse sources of clinical, genomic, and exposure data.

Geointelligence System

An earth-scale geotemporal AI platform that uses environmental data—including satellite, climate, and pollution—to map regional and individual health and disease patterns with unparalleled accuracy.

Digital Twin Algorithm

An algorithm that enables new clinical trials by examining each participant’s silicon clone, making health discovery more efficient and observational data more valuable.



Arjun K. Manrai

Assistant Professor at Harvard and researcher using statistical and machine learning methods to improve clinical decision making and scientific reproducibility.


Chirag J. Patel

Assistant Professor at Harvard and researcher in data science specializing in dissecting gene-environment interplay in health and disease.

Deep Space Officer

Yvonne Cagle

NASA Astronaut, United States Air Force Colonel, and Physician


Jerod Parrent

Astrophysicist turned Data Scientist in healthcare specializing in causal modeling, deep learning, and satellite imagery.

Machine Learning Scientist

Chirag Lakhani

Researcher at Harvard using spatial analytics and statistical genetics to understand health and disease.


Walter DeBrouwer

Adjunct Professor at Stanford University School of Medicine (CERC).  Founder and CEO of the Palo-Alto based, Deep Learning company doc.ai, which is building AI pipelines for the pharma and healthcare industry.


Greg Kovacic

CFA, MBA, Startup CFO


Current Openings

UI/UX Designer

Help XY build intuitive and rich interfaces for its satellite data and machine learning models.

Machine Learning Engineer

Build and deploy scalable state of the art machine learning models on terabytes of curated satellite, exposure, and clinical data.

General submissions

If you are interested in an internship or job opportunities at XY, please send a resume to raj@xy.ai and chirag@xy.ai along with a cover letter. We will be in touch shortly should your qualifications meet our current needs. If you have more questions regarding the application process, contact us here.


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